Wild Camping

“in every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks”
– John Muir

Wild camping can be matched by no other outdoor experience…

…sleeping in ancient woodlands, with the sounds of wildlife all around, stars above untarnished by our usual streetlamps, and breakfast cooked over a small fire…

This is the ultimate adventure and you may be surprised to hear that wild camping is actually permitted in certain areas of the country.

Dartmoor has mapped areas available for wild campers

It is perhaps the perfect county in England for wild camping experiences, as the National Park Authority permits and supports campers wishing to leave no trace and experience this wild place close to nature.

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Guided wild camping trips…

…are available to book. Providing you with a tailored experience overnight in the wild. We are huge believers in hammock camping as they give a more comfortable night’s sleep, whilst being lighter equipment than tents to carry. Rigging the hammocks and tarps can be a difficult task, and so we can give you expert guidance on easy to use systems, and ways to add tension to provide more effective shelter. We will also cook our evening meal and breakfast over a fire, and aim to leave no trace at the end of our stay.

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