Whittling workshop set up at Pearcelands Wood, Wakehurst Botanic Gardens

Join us for a workshop!

Workshops provide a social environment to learn new skills, support each other and appreciate the natural space we are occupying. They give us the opportunity to have a go at creating an object we can take home, and a skill we can think about in other areas of our lives.

Fire lighting is not simply about burning wood…

…it is also about understanding the element of fire. Selecting the best wood for the purpose, exploring what is available around us, learning to build and “feed” a fire and the benefits of different configurations. It is also about the history of humans using fire, to provide warmth, cook food and ward off danger.

Watching a toddler hold a knife for the first time…

…their eyes shine brightly as they understand what a great responsibility this task will be. They know the safety elements, we’ve worked slowly to get to this point in the workshop. Now it is their time to stay focussed, calm and work gently to create something that is truly theirs, and connects them to this woodland. It is a wonderful thing to see young children taking such care in this workshop. For older children and adults, this gives us time to be quiet, focus and feel our way through whittling green wood to create something with purpose and meaning. Something personal for us to take away.

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